Summer Time

Kayaking in Ontario, Canada with large rocks and trees in the background.

Time seems to move too quickly in the summer. Given our short summers and long winters, I take every chance I get to pack up my kayak and go for a paddle. For me, there is nothing like being on the water, enjoying the sounds and sights of nature and just slowing down. It is the perfect place to let go of the stress of the day and just take a deep breath. 

I am a recreational paddler and stick to calm waters. On my adventures, I have seen beautiful animals and heard the wonder of birds taking off and landing on the water. They are much louder than I imagined they would be. The search for turtles is now a thing and I am not sure how it all happened but I am glad it did.

It might just be time to close my laptop, pack my gear and find some calm water and continue my search for peace and tranquility.

The sun coming up over the tree line with the trees and sun reflecting on the water.
Water lily on a bed of lily pads.


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