It’s Time For A Security Checkup

Hand holdings weak and strong password.

We know you’re busy and that it’s an inconvenience to have to change your passwords regularly but we also know that you want your accounts and personal data safe and secure. Given all of the data breaches lately, now is the time to change your passwords. It’s a good idea to change them regularly (every few months) and especially after a breach or other security incident. You can use a password manager to help you manage your passwords.


Tips on how you can protect yourself:

  • Change passwords regularly—especially if you’re using the same one across multiple accounts, since that makes it easier for criminals to access one account if they figure out another.
  • Use passwords that are difficult to figure out. 
  • Change hosting and domain account passwords—these are often overlooked, but they are essential parts of keeping your business safe from attack.
  • Update your website regularly—the last thing you want is an outdated website that could compromise your brand’s reputation or leave holes in its security system.


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