Is Your Website Outdated?

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Five ways to tell if you have an outdated website

When you visit a website that has outdated and incorrect information, or looks old and dated, it leaves an impression about your business and may cost you sales.

1. Your website isn’t mobile friendly

What does this mean? If your website doesn’t scale and adjust to the screen size of the device the visitor is using than your site isn’t mobile friendly. You know when you are visiting a site that isn’t responsive(mobile friendly) because you have to pinch the screen and expand the size of the text so you can read the content. This is very frustrating for visitors and hurts your rankings on search engines.

2. The content is out of date or wrong

Incorrect information can lead to lost business and customer service and administrative headaches.

3. You don’t feel comfortable sending a potential client to your site

If you don’t want to send potential customers to your site because of the way it looks or the information that is on it, it is time to update your site.

4. Your site doesn’t rank high in search engine results

Have you noticed that your site isn’t showing up in a Google search on the first few pages? An outdated site will hurt your search engine results.

5. Visitors to your site can’t find what they are looking for

If your site is difficult to navigate and visitors can’t find the information they are looking for, they will get frustrated and leave, taking their business with them.

If your site has any of these issues, it is time to update your site. This could be as simple as reworking and updating your content and navigation to a complete redo of your site. Having a current website that is easy to navigate and has information your potential customers are looking for is good for business!


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