12 Tips for a Successful Website

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Not sure where to start when gathering the content for your website? Is your site in need of an overhaul? Here are 12 things to consider when putting together your website content.

  1. Clear, Concise & Consistent Navigation
    Organize the pages on your site into categories that will make sense to your visitors. Consider the type of information they will be looking for and organize the information with that in mind. The average page visit on a site is less than a minute. With most not staying that long. If your navigation is confusing, they will move on.
  2. Speak in a language visitors can understand
    Industry jargon may be appropriate for a technical site but if visitors aren’t familiar with the terms they will be lost. Try using terminology that the average visitor will understand.
  3. Provide Information for Visitors
    People visit your site looking for information. They may be looking for a specific product or service or they may be looking for your contact information. Your site should include a breakdown of your products or services and answer the most frequently asked questions you hear from your customers. Don’t be afraid to put prices on your website.
  4. Your Home Page Should Tell Your Story
    Most visitors will come to your page via the Home page. Use the Home page to tell visitors who you are, what you do and why they should buy from you or use your services.  Don’t confuse visitors by using an unclear message. They should be able to quickly determine what you do or offer.
  5. Photos are critical
    The web is a visual medium and they can quickly tell the story about your business. Stock photos are readily available and sometimes necessary but be careful when using them and make sure they tell your story. Quality pictures leave a lasting impression.
  6. Keep your website up to date.
    Visitors notice if your website hasn’t been updated in 2 years or even 6 months. Keep your website current. If you have hours of operation on your website, they must be correct. Many businesses struggle to keep their content current and fresh. The solution to this is a business blog/news section on the website. Blogging and distributing the post through social media networks will help drive traffic to your site and also helps with search engine rankings.
  7. Establish your business as legitimate.
    This is necessary for all businesses but crucial for ecommerce sites. The best way to achieve this is to provide information about your business, include photos of the key operating team (if appropriate) and include testimonials or case studies.  For an ecommerce site, ensure the site is secure and safe for visitors to purchase from.
  8. Use a user-friendly layout.
    Your site should not be “screaming” at your visitors. Your website is often the first impression a person has of your business. Make sure it clearly reflects your business. A cluttered and difficult to decipher website will drive people away from your site.
  9. Be mobile friendly.
    More and more people are using their mobile devices to search on the web. Your site must look good and be easy to navigate on all device sizes.
  10. Contact information should be easy to find.
    Put your contact information in multiple places so it’s easy to find. It is standard to have your contact information in the footer of your website as well as on your contact page. You can also have it on each page of your site. People shouldn’t have to look for your contact information.
  11. Forms must be simple.
    If there is a form on your site, keep it simple. Visitors will not take the time to complete a detailed, complex form. You are more likely to have a visitor complete a simple contact form if it only has few fields to complete. You can include basic contact information and a text box where they can add their comments. It is also crucial that you follow up when someone completes the form.
  12. Proofread your site
    Spelling and grammar mistakes make jump off the page to visitors. Don’t make spelling errors or grammatical mistakes. Review your content multiple times and have someone else look at it before launching your website. It is easy to miss small errors. You may also consider hiring a professional copywriter to create or review your content.

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