A laptop with a website search for domain name and hosting.

Domain Name vs Hosting. What is the difference?

A domain is the unique address that identifies a website on the internet. It is the online address of your website, similar to your unique house address.
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A keyboard with a blank notebook and pen

7 Important Things To Tell Your Web Designer

Starting a new web project? Here are 7 essential topics to discuss to guarantee a successful website launch. Don't miss out on these crucial considerations!
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Seo concept on a computer monitor

The Power of Organic SEO

In today’s digital landscape, search engine optimization (SEO) has become the cornerstone of online visibility and success. With millions of websites competing for attention, businesses and marketers are constantly seeking effective strategies to improve their search engine rankings. While paid ...
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Hand holdings weak and strong password.

It’s Time For A Security Checkup

We know you’re busy and that it’s an inconvenience to have to change your passwords regularly but we also know that you want your accounts and personal data safe and secure. Given all of the data breaches lately, now is ...
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Person working with a laptop.

Managing Your Website During Covid-19

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these unprecedented times. Staying home and social distancing is not easy but it is what we have to do. Given the uncertain economic times, it may not seem like the time ...
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Frustrated annoyed woman confused by computer problem, annoyed businesswoman feels indignant about laptop crash, bad news online or disgusting video on web, stressed student looking at broken website

Is Your Website Outdated?

When you visit a website that has outdated and incorrect information, or looks old and dated, it leaves an impression about your business and may cost you sales.
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